Our Services

Maintenance Agreements

Our maintenance agreement packages are ideal for apartments and commercial blocks as they are designed to provide peace of mind through safety and reliability.

Elevator Repairs

We provide general repairs on all types of elevators by appointment.

Lift Installations

We offer customers a survey and premises analysis to find which lift is ideal for their establishment. The work is carried out by our qualified and experienced testers and engineers.

Custom Designs

Our bespoke lift creation services are offered to customers who are looking to get a custom-designed elevator. This service includes glass engraving and personalisation.

Lift Modernisation

We can modernise and upgrade your lift if needed, to prevent the hassle of installing a completely new one in your premises.

Tailor-Designed Elevators


We custom-design elevator cabin walls, panels and floors. We use different elements for cabins such as nickel, cobalt, visual posters and more.


We present customers with a choice of different elevator cabin doors. We can also build a two-door double-sided elevator for buildings with two landings.


From luxurious gold elevator button plaques to sleek touch-screen models, we can present you with a range of customised elevator buttons designed for optimal use.